Who Are We?

We are an organic haircare company devoted to provide your curls with all the moisture, love, and care they need to restore your curls' natural state. We took the time out to identify the most common struggles my curl friends come across and formulated the solutions! 

Where it All Began

At The Curl Recipe, healthy natural hair is a priority. My main goal when creating this brand was to educate men and women worldwide on what products work for their hair type. Growing up, my dad's side of the family did not know what products to use on my hair, how to properly maintain or style it so my go-to hairstyle was a messy bun because it was all I  knew how to do at the time. It wasn't until I would  visit my mom that my hair was washed, parted, and braided into various protective styles.

I didn't start paying close attention to the ingredients in existing haircare products until my high school years. After years of using any product I found in my bathroom, applying heat to my curls, and constantly applying harmful chemicals daily it became visibly noticeable that my curl pattern began transitioning. I knew it was time for a change, but I refused to commit to a "big chop". This began my natural journey. After years of testing natural remedies, I would get compliments and questions about my hair everywhere I went. Everyone loved how big, bouncy, and beautiful my curls looked. After years of promoting other companies with what products I was using, I thought to myself, "why not turn this into a business venture," so I did.

Our Mission

Our mission when starting this brand was to educate, motivate, and inspire men and women around the world to heal and embrace the natural curls, coils, and locs they were born with. With The Curl Recipe, you will have everything you need to make maintaining your natural mane easier and healthier than ever before!

Meet Our Founder

Vanessa Cameron

The Curl Recipe

"Being an entrepreneur has always been a dream of mine and at the age of twenty-three I decided to turn that dream into my reality! Having a mixture of different curl patterns, I know the struggles of finding the best products for my hair because I've been there. I love to share my journey and help others make the right choices when it comes to nourishing and caring for you hair. The Curl Recipe provides you with the best natural treatments and remedies, making maintaining and styling more convenient than ever before. Thank you so much for all your support.


Vanessa Cameron

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